Cara Menjawab IELTS Speaking Part 1 Beserta Pertanyaan dan Jawabannya

Cara Menjawab IELTS Speaking Part 1 Beserta Pertanyaan dan Jawabannya


IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Common Questions with Answers
By IELTSadvantage

What does the examiner expect?
Try to approach the test in the same way you would if you were talking to a real person, not a computer. The more you talk like a human being, the more natural you will sound.

Remember it’s about you
All of the questions are going to be about you. You do not need to prepare memorised answers because you obviously know about yourself.

Not too short
You should not give very short answers. These do not give the examiners enough information. You can extend your answers by giving explanations or examples that help support your view.

Not too long
If you give a very long answer to a simple question it is going to sound very unnatural and it may even sound like you are giving a memorised answer.

Common Questions with Answers in IELTS Speaking Part 1

– About Work –
Do you work or study?
I graduated a few years ago and I’m now in full time employment. I work as an English teacher for the British Council.

Why did you choose that job?
I was previously a lawyer and found it to be really stressful and never had any free time, so after quitting that job I thought teaching might be the complete opposite of being a lawyer. You know, not as stressful and more time off.

Do you enjoy your job?
Most of the time. It’s very rewarding to be able to help people every day and the students here are very hardworking and fun to teach, but you sometimes have lessons that do not go so well and the money could always be better.

– About Study –
Do you work or study?
I’m currently a student at Queen’s University, Belfast. I study law there.

Is it a popular subject at your university?
Very popular, in fact it’s one of the most sought after courses. I think there are about 350 people reading law at Queen’s. I think lots of student’s parents want them to study law so they can get a good job after they graduate.

Do you get along with your classmates?
Yes, they are all really great. Most people like to socialise together in the evenings and this makes us a very tight group. If you know someone socially, it is much easier to work together in class.

– About Hometown –
Where is your hometown?
My hometown is on the south-east coast of Northern Ireland. It’s called Dundrum and it’s about 1 hour south of the capital city.

How often do you visit your hometown?
Not as much as I should. I only get to visit about once a year now to see my family because I’m really busy with work and it’s quite far away, but I hope to visit more in the future.

What’s the oldest part of your hometown?
There is an old Norman castle that sits on top of the highest hill of the town. It’s a ruin now, but there are some breathtaking views from it and it’s easy to see why they chose that site for a castle, because you can see for miles around.

– About Home –
Where do you live?
I live on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, in a district called Tan Phu, about 15 km from the city centre.

What is your favourite room?
That would have to be my study because it’s the only room where I can get peace and quiet. When I’m in there my wife knows I’m working, so she leaves me alone and I can concentrate on my work.

How is your apartment decorated?
I don’t like lots of over the top decoration, so I guess you would describe it as minimalist. The walls are all white and the furniture is also either white or black. There are very few ornaments or pictures because again, I like to keep things quite minimal and I hate clutter.

– About Food –
What’s your favourite food?
I would have to say that it’s definitely steak. It’s quite expensive, so it’s a real treat when I get the chance to have steak and I love all the things that come with it like pepper sauce, chips, mushrooms and onions.

Have you always like that food?
I didn’t really like meat when I was younger. My mum said that I only liked to eat sweet things or breakfast cereal when I was a child. Naturally, Coco Pops were my absolute favourite.

Do you have a healthy diet?
No, not at all. I like all of the things that are unhealthy like sweets, fatty foods and junk food. I don’t really have a lot of discipline when it comes to my diet, which is probably why I’m a little overweight.

Common Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1

I’d just like to ask you some questions about your hometown or city.
What type of place is it?
What was it like growing up there?
Has it changed much since you were a child?

I’d just like to ask you some questions about your studies.
What are you studying?
Why did you choose that particular course?
What job would you like when you have completed all your studies?

I’d just like to ask you some questions about your work.
What work do you do?
What do you enjoy most about your work?
What are your main duties?
Is there any other work you would like to do in the future?

Free Time
I’d like to move on and ask you some questions about your free time
What type of activities do you like to do in your free time?
How long have you been interested in these activities?
Do you like to do theses activities alone or with other people? (Why)?
Do you think people have enough free time? (Why/why not)?

I’d like to move on and ask you some questions about your family.
How many people are there in your family?
Do you all live in the same house? (Why/why not)?
What things do you like doing together?
Who is your favourite family member?

Let’s move on and talk about being on time for appointments.
Is being late acceptable in your culture? (Why/why not)?
Are you ever late for appointments? (Why/why not)?
What type of excuses do you think are alright for lateness?
How do you feel when someone is late for an appointment with you?

Let’s change the topic and talk about your neighbours
Do you know the people who live next door to you?
How often do you see each other?
What kind of relationship do you have?
How can neighbours be helpful?
What kind of problems can people have with their neighbours in a big city?

Moving to a new topic, I’d like to discuss cooking and meals with you.
Do you enjoy cooking? (Why/why not)?
What type of things can you cook? (Why)?
What kinds of food are popular in your country?
Is it an important part of your culture to have dinner parties? (Why)?
Do you prefer to eat with other people or on your own? (Why)?

I’d now like to discuss your night time dreams with you.
Do you dream much at night?
Do you often remember your dreams?
Do you think we can learn anything from dreams? (Why)?
Do people in your country talk about their dreams? (Why)?
Do you think that dreams can come true?

Magazines and Newspapers
Okay, let’s move to a different topic and discuss magazines and newspapers.
Which do you prefer reading, newspapers or magazines? (Why)?
What type of stories do you like to read about? (Why)?
Do you think reading a magazine or a newspaper can help you learn a language? (Why)?
Why do you think some people prefer magazines to newspapers?

Let’s change the topic and talk about comedy and humour.
What type of programmes do you find funny on TV?
Which types of programmes are most popular in your country? (Why)?
What kind of things make you laugh? (Why)?
Do you like to make people laugh? (How)?
Do you think it is important to have a sense of humour? (Why)?

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References :
IELTS Cambridge. Exercise Book 6. Cambridge University Press


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